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Meet the Doctors

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Dr. Todd E. Dickerson

Dr. Todd E. Dickerson (aka “Dr. D”) is the founder of Dickerson Orthodontics.

Dr. Dickerson has degrees from:
  • Illinois Wesleyan University
  • Baylor College of Dentistry
  • Texas A&M University
  • West Virginia University

His academic career was distinguished by outstanding achievements and involvement within the schools he attended. Dr. D twice earned Research Fellowship grants from Baylor College of Dentistry. He is also the recipient of the American Association of Orthodontics Award. 

Dr. D continues to publish and present his research findings both nationally and internationally. His research has been sponsored by:
Align Technology, makers of Invisalign
Biolux Research , LTD, developers of OrthoPulse
 InBrace- Invisible Braces 
In addition, Dr. D Is the inventor and patent holder for the D2 Appliance, used to correct bites faster by orthodontists throughout the US.

Community and Professional Involvement
As an active member of the orthodontic community, Dr. Dickerson is affiliated with professional associations, including the American Association of Orthodontics, the Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists, and the Baylor Dental Alumni Association. He also served on the Board of Directors for the prestigious Schulman Study Group, representing the top orthodontic practices in the US and Canada.

As part of an ongoing commitment to his profession, Dr. D reviews orthodontic cases for the Arizona State Board of Dental Examiners. He has also served on committees for the National Association for Dental Research and the Arizona State Dental Association.

Visiting Dickerson Orthodontics
Dr. D feels your experience with the orthodontist doesn't have to be done in a sterile and serious environment. You will see evidence of this spread throughout the offices. We want your experience to be positive and enjoyable. When your visit is complete, check out the “treat time” for your yogurt to go in some of our offices! 

When Dr. D is not in one of his local offices, he makes sure to enjoy life in Arizona. His interests currently include snowboarding, travel, and most importantly, time with his wife (the real Dr. Dickerson) and children.

Dr. Prashansa Sharma

Dr. Prashansa Sharma

Dr. Prashansa Sharma joined Dickerson Orthodontics in 2016.

Dr. Sharma received her Bachelor of Science in Biological Science and Bachelor of Arts in Spanish from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She then received her D.M.D. (Doctor of Dental Medicine) at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. She completed the specialty degree program in orthodontics at Tufts University in Boston, Massachusetts.

Professional Organizations
Dr. Sharma understands the importance of membership in relevant organizations within her field of practice. She is a member of the American Association of Orthodontics, the Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists, and the American Dental Association.

Why an orthodontist
When Dr. Sharma was in high school, she decided that being an orthodontist was going to be her career choice. She liked science, and with her “perfectionist” tendencies, she knew this would be a great way to use both. She also was grateful for the treatment and results she received as a patient.

Dr. Sharma loves that she can make patients look forward to the orthodontic appointments and know she will make them feel proud and happy about the results of their work together. Being part of the great team at Dickerson Orthodontics means she will help create some great smiles!

More About Dr. Sharma
Dr. Sharma grew up as an only child and learned to quickly make friends as she moved around the country. Since her birth in Nebraska, she has lived in California, Missouri, Ohio, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Massachusetts, and now is happy to call Arizona her home!

In addition to the travel and life in the U.S., Dr. Sharma has great memories of trips to Mexico, Spain, New Zealand, Guatemala, Panama, India, and Greece. You can also find her out on the dance floor, something she has loved since she was a young child. You might find her performing Bollywood dances at friends’ weddings, competing with her collegiate Indian dance team, dancing in an Indian music video with Snoop Dogg, or trying to learn new salsa moves! Who knows, you may see some great moves in our office!

When Dr. Sharma has some free time, she spends it reading, finding corny jokes and puns. If she can find a little more time, she’ll be learning how to play the drums, break dance, ballroom dance, and beatbox.

Exploring Arizona with her husband is high on her list of things to do. With her love of travel, you can be sure that there will be some trips to other areas of the Southwest and more memories to be made!
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