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Premium Braces

Wide Selection of Braces Options

Orthodontics is easier and more affordable for patients than ever! New technologies and orthodontic options have made braces more comfortable and attractive as well as reduce the time necessary to complete treatment.

In addition to regular braces, Dickerson Orthodontics also offers aligners, clear and invisible braces. Call us today to learn more.

Clear Aligners

Do you want straight teeth and a nice smile without having brackets and wires? Do you want to remove your braces so you may more easily clean your teeth and gums? Aligners, including Inisalign® are the clear alternative. Ask the team about straight teeth without braces.

Clear and Tooth Colored Braces

Ceramic brackets are made of composite materials. They are very strong and generally do not stain. Three popular brands are Clarity and Transcend, made by 3M Unitek; and Mystique, made by GAC. Adults like to choose ceramic because they “blend in” with the teeth and are less noticeable than metal.
clear braces

Clear Braces

Check out InBrace for an adult clear braces option. InBrace is the newest, most technologically advanced version of invisible braces. Check out their website for more information

Damon® Braces

The Damon Braces System uses doors to hold the orthodontic wire in position while your teeth are moving.  
Certified Damon System doctors combine three key components, which when used together, deliver faster treatment, fewer appointments, greater comfort, and consistent high-quality results.
Damon braces description
Damon braces are designed to be discreet, comfortable and easy to keep clean. Without the elastic ties which attract and collect plaque, Damon braces make dental hygiene easy during treatment. Plus the Damon System is available in clear brackets for those image conscious patients.
Damon braces description
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